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The Services of the hotel

And... amongst lively carobs, secular olive trees and flowering almond trees, delighted by the scents of the Mediterranean herbs... the Relais in Marina di Camerota offers...


Waking up at our hotel in Marina di Camerota between the whisper of the morning stars and the chirping of birds and smell, in the air of Cilento, the scent of fragrant jam tarts, brioches, sweet and savoury pies, just taken out of the oven..., the aroma of a warm coffee and a soft chocolate and the rich taste of our golden mixed flowers honey. Enjoy all that on the porch in the garden.

Local meats and cheeses, fruit and fresh seasonal juices complement your breakfast to start the day full of energy and happy life.
It is always alive our attention to those with special dietary requirements, allergies or intolerances.

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The Partner Restaurant Zi Pasqualina

spaghetti L'hotel The Restaurant Carrubone di Marina di Camerota will do you & agrave; discover the art of Cilentan Cuisine , a history of tradition cultivated in the silence of our homes guarded and handed down from generation to generation.
Eating in Cilento health and longevit. Let your senses speak and enjoy the flavors of our dishes because they are they are simple yet so-called; immediately and intensely tasty .

Our healthy gastronomy, rich in typical local products, coming from organic farms, is conf fully to the “Mediterranean Diet”, an important reference for the most skilled dieticians; accorti of the world and proclaimed by the Unesco good to be preserved as the Intangible and Cultural Heritage of the Humanity.
Always keep our attention for those with special dietary requirements, intolerances or allergies.



Beach service

From our Hotel Relais in Marina di Camerota it is possible to walk, through a short path of Trekking surrounded by the nature of the Cilento, to the charming beach of Pozzallo and the most beautiful beach in Italy: CALA BIANCA.


Our beach services, in agreement with the best beaches of our coast, will allow you to enjoy the summer on the most beautiful beaches of Marina di Camerota:

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