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The Kitchen

The kitchen

Cilento National Park and its Typical Products

From Generosa Cilentana Land, many typical products born from the hand of Cuochi that use exceptional raw materials, from oil to cheese, from cereals to fruit vegetables from meat to fish.

From this and from the love in making them come Culinary Cultures that have been handed down over the centuries by generations of fishermen and farmers from the Cilento hinterland, preserving the aromas of the magnificent Mediterranean scrub favored by an exceptional climate for this purpose.

Remembering the Mediterranean Diet by Ancel Keys who spoke of a lifestyle led here in the Cilento and surroundings that promotes longevity. He was not referring only to the food of these areas but also to the habits, surrounded however by culinary pearls made with antioxidant ingredients and healthy children of a land mostly uncontaminated and far from the big centers.

Extra virgin olive oil

Tomatoes from the area

Various vegetables

Local Caciocavallo cheeses

Controne's Cilento Beans and Cicerale Chickpeas

Pickles and pickles


Rosoli, Finocchietto, Limoncello, etc.

Cilento White Figs - Homemade Biscuits

Millefiori honey, heather, strawberry tree chestnut

Mozzarella in the Mortella

Menaica anchovies

Area Octopus and all the Paranza fish


And all these ingredients will be of use to us to offer you excellent culinary products and first-class recipes from Breakfast to Dinner to delight you at our restaurant

"Il Pian delle Starze"

Executive Chef - Fausto Lucchesi