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The Cellar

In our hotel in Marina di Camerota a wide selection of local, regional and national wines.

Made from vines of Barbera, Sangiovese, Trebbiano and Malvasia and from local grapes such as: Aglianico, Greco and Fiano (the latter already locally called Santa Sofia) carefully selected for you among the most renowned producers in the area of ​​Camerota and surroundings.

The Rosso Mulinieddo deserves special mention for its intense ruby ​​red color and its harmonious bouquet of aromas of blackberry and cherry on a background of dewy undergrowth produced in the "La Coccinella" Wine Company of the De Vita family near Vallo della Lucania.

And then offer you the delights of our region. Campania is currently the Italian region with the highest number of grape varieties and we in our Restaurant will try to offer you the best choices on the market, from the wines of the Vesuviano to the Amalfi Coast up to the Avellinese and to the area of ​​the Beneventano not forgetting to include some niche wine from these splendid geographical areas.

In addition to these wines mentioned above, there will be an annual selection of Italian wines of excellence, such as the Piedmontese, some Tuscan wines and some good passito wines such as the Passito of Elba Island, in short, during your holiday you can enjoy truly varied and exceptional flavors that are part of the wonderful wine culture of our beloved Italy.